Subodha Learning Community

At Subodha, we aspire to build a learning community, supporting neurodiverse learners and their families through early intervention, education, employment and life.

Subodha is envisaged by people with deep and wide expertise in neurodiversity, behavior therapy, education and community building. We have been working with neurodiverse learners and their families since 2013.

Need for Subodha

In 2018, we set up Farmhill Education trust. Since then, we have been building Farm Hill Learning, a neurodiverse community of children and adults, learning together in a close to nature setting.

Over the last few years we have mostly been working with underserved sections of society - neurodiverse families, resource constrained families from rural as well as urban backgrounds, and a number of single mothers abandoned by the rest of the family under the burden of neurodiversity - using an inclusive, community based approach.

Subodha is a response to the needs of this community, an attempt to support neurodiverse learners and their families through various callenges of early intervention, education and employment, through an inclusive community interested in purusing an alternative path.

Location and Programs

We are thrilled to start a unit of subodha in Bangalore, within the reach of many more families, and we are firmly focused on reaching out to vulnerable sections of the society.

Subodha Learning Community, 58, Someshwara Nagar
35th Main Rd, Someshwara Colony, BTM 2nd Stage, BTM Layout
Bengaluru - 560078, Karnataka
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Currently we are running four programs.

Family Training Program - This is the entry point to subodha, focused on building a working relationship between the parent and the child. This is a 10 week program, five days a week, 3 hours a day. About five parent child pairs in each group, supported by two trainers.

Homescool Support Program - This is a group of parents working with their children, supported by experienced educators. This program runs five days a week, 10am to 4 pm. Each group of five pairs of parent child are supported by one full time educator.

Afterschool Support Program - Academic and social skills support for children in the school going age group. 4.30 to 6pm, 4 days a week. Each group of five students is supported by two trainers.

Halfday Program - Designed for families which need more intensive support. 2 to 4.30 pm, 4 days a week. Each child supported by a shadow teacher.

We need support!

We operate on a model where each family contributes what they can and we hope to keep the program running, with your support to fund the deficit.

Current requirement - Rs. 88,000

Three families in the current FTP are from resource constrained backgrounds, unable to bear the cost of the program. Even a small amount you contribute can help us keep the program running.

Contribute Rs. 15,000

As we have just setup and scaling up, we do not have the funds to pay the rent and salaries to our trainers and educators. You can support us for the next 4 months as we scale up. You can ensure the availability of a trainer for a month, by contributing Rs. 15,000. Currently, we require 3 trainers. Similarly, our monthly rent expense is Rs. 75,000.

Contact us

Subodha is run by Farmhill Education trust, and has 12A and 80G exemptions. The funds for subodha are ringfenced and the accounting is transparent. We are happy to provide more details about our work. Please contact Venu at 8431032239 or

Inspired to act?

We can use all the help you can give!