Rains - 2019 and 2021

The rains this season here, have been late, and heavy. We try see how rains in 2019 and this year compare.

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The rains this season here, have been late, and heavy. The last time we saw good rains here was in 2019. The other day I was talking to Ganesan L and we wondered if the rain this time has been more or less than 2019. The question arose because while the rain  itself appeared more heavy this time, our trenches were filled with less water compared to 2019.

That's when I accessed this picture from October 2019, below.

This picture is from this week, the same spot.

What do we notice from these pictures? There does seem to be more water in 2019, and the water is brown, indicating soil runoff. Today, there is less water, and the water does not have that much soil runoff.

While one may not be able to say much about the quantity of water with any level of certainty based just on this, one hypothesis is that due to the growth of grass and plants in the intervening period across the property, there may be more local absorption of rain, less soil runoff and therefore less muddy water in the trenches.

This is kind of born out by the fact that we have water standing pretty much everywhere and a very small spring or two appearing at the base of the hill.

That's a good thing, isn't it? 🙂

Do notice the Veppala tree on the left bank of the pond, and how it's grown all by itself!

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