Education and Farming

It's natural for plants to grow and humans to learn. Why do we then struggle so much to educate?

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As long as there is soil, water and sun, one plant or the other will grow. It is up to us to decide which to keep and which not to.

Similarly, people in general and children in particular, are always learning. It is up to us to choose which kind of learning to encourage.

The platinum prize is when we are able to manage a growing/learning environment that naturally enourages the growth of the kind of plants and the kind of learning we value. Now, that could be called natural, organic, self-managed and so on, whether it be farming or education.

Naturally inspired by Fukuoka.

In the picture: manatakkali, an edible leaf, and a three leafed clover kind of plant, again edible, growing naturally in a pumpkin patch under a mango tree.

Happy new year!

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