Forest Fire!

We fought a forest fire that was spreading to the campus and learnt a few lessons.

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We had another forest fire yesterday. We noticed it around 6.45 pm. And managed to put it out by about 9 pm, after the fire burnt half the hill. It was big. We were 5 adults supported by about 5 children. Except for one of us, this was the first time we were doing it.  

At no point of time were we in any serious danger. We could have let the fire burn the hill and still stayed safe but we didn't want to. With timely use of resources, we held our fire lines.

We will be better prepared the next time. We will create more resources for this kind of thing for the next season. It's just a matter of routine now.

It was commendable how the children stood their ground, helped carry water, stayed safe and pretty much self organised as the adults were all busy with the fire. They demonstrated great faith in themselves and us.

Now I can say is there is much hope for the future of this community, going by this experience of how the adults and, more importantly, the children responded to the situation. And that's the important bit we wanted to share with all of you.


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