Sundried onion masala balls

We make sundried onion masala balls for the first time. Recipe included.

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This week we learnt to make sun-dried onion masala balls.

All last year, our cook used to bring these dry onion balls which she would crush and put in while seasoning dal and vegetable gravies, unlocking amazing flavors. This time we decided to make them here.

This preparation seems to be local and we were completely unaware of how this works. Here is how it is done, with pictures in reverse order.

1. Small sambar onions and garlic are peeled. They are ground together, turmeric and salt is added and left overnight.

2. Curry leaves and whole spices used in South Indian seasoning are added. The mix is made into large balls and sun dried for 3 days.  

3. After 3 days, the balls are squeezed by hand to remove excess moisture. Dried for 2 more days.

4. Once they are without moisture, the balls are crumbled.

5. Castor oil is heated and added to the crumble.

6. This is now made into smaller egg sized balls and dried till they are completely dry. This may take a couple of weeks.

7. These keep for a year, apparently. Just crush a small amount and add to seasoning when making dal.

Since these balls are made using onions, garlic, castor oil etc non-satvik food, they attract bad spirits called peyi/pisasi in Tamil. Please note the red chillies, charcoal, grass kept in the middle to ward off evil spirits. 😊😊

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