Are you interested in larger questions about how we live, how we educate ourselves and our children? Do you see we need to fundamentally redefine our relationship with nature, especially with our food?

If the answer is “yes”, read on!!

Would you like to live on a farm and play/learn with children? Are you ready to get your hands dirty on the journey to explore ideas like truly sustainable living, nature-centered learning, alternative education etc.?

If the answer is “yes” again, you can join us!!

Enter Farm Hill

Please read the invitation below.  We are looking for people to join us both on a long term basis and also on shorter term engagements not less than 3 months. 

Who we are

Farm Hill ( is a neurodiverse community of children and adults, learning together in a close to nature setting. We are located on a farm near Shoolagiri in Tamil Nadu, about 65 kilometers (1.5 hours of travel) from Bangalore.

We believe that education should equip a person to meet life with intelligence and not stop with the mere acquisition of skills to make a living. We take inspiration from the ideas of J. Krishnamurti. We wish to live in harmony with ourselves, the society around us and nature. We are engaged in exploring these various dimensions of our being.

We are open to children and adults who are interested in these ideas. As a neurodiverse community, we are also open to children who are on the Autism spectrum. Our expertise in working with Autism comes from our experience of running Sambhavam center for autism ( for about 5 years.

We are a semi-residential learning space. You can reach Farm Hill on Monday morning and leave Friday evening. We run transportation from South Bangalore for the travel. You can also choose to stay on the farm all the time.

For more details, please check the websites above.

What we offer

  1. An opportunity to live on a farm and explore deeper questions about life and education
  2. Freedom to do what you want, respectful work culture, happy workplace
  3. Company of like-minded people who may be able to help you along
  4. Stay at the farm and food, travel to and from Bangalore as mentioned above
  5. Competitive salary

What you will do

  1. Work and learn along with children and other adults – on the farm and in the kitchen
  2. Design and prepare educational activities and experiences for the children as needed
  3. Accompany children on field trips, treks and outdoor activities
  4. Engage with the larger community

What we are looking for

  1. Deep and abiding interest in the questions and ideas above – alternative education, nature centric learning, farming, food, neurodiversity, life, education etc.
  2. Enthusiasm and willingness to do the physical and mental work necessary to engage in these questions and ideas, while living on a farm
  3. Ability to work with other people in a community setting     


Write to us at – tell us about yourself and why you want to come join us. You can also call Venu on +91 7760769323 if you have any questions or thoughts you want to share.